Laws Edit

Section 1:

  • Sexual role play or nudity is illegal.
  • Perverted content or jokes is illegal.
  • Extreme use of violence is illegal.
  • Excessive cussing is illegal.
  • Curses which can offend one's race/sexuality/sex (etc) is illegal.

Section 2:

  • Use of exploits can be illegal.
  • Grieving on the network is illegal.
  • Trolling on the network can be illegal.
  • Use of Tobacco/Alcohol/Drug themes is illegal.
  • Server name being named something of sexual context or "Sex", "Date" or "Love" is illegal.
  • Vulgar welcome messages breaking any of these laws is illegal.

Section 3:

  • Excessive kissing can be illegal.
  • Hurting a user by "cheating" within standards can be illegal.
  • Theft on a server is illegal.
  • Taking concepts of a server and naming it as your own is illegal.
  • Shaming another user for something they did not do is illegal.
  • Bypassing bans can be illegal.

Punishment Edit

  • Cloud Ban
  • Server Lock
  • A Warning
  • "Milla" Lock
  • Ban/Kick from Individual Server

Notes Edit

  • These laws will only be enforced by administration such as Dave or Milla, or BSD.