Introduction Edit

By far, Blockheads is a well-known 2D survival sandbox game created by David Frampton. However, fact state that there are laws to justification on Multiplayer servers known as cloud servers. Cloud servers are hosted on Linode[1], a popular cloud hosting service. Laws can vary from laws created by Camilla Koutsos, the Blockheads community manager. Thus the fact there are laws made by actual officials, which are enforced by authority of larger importance. This page will read into all the laws made on cloud servers, which must be enforced, or certain penalties can be involved. Users can be cloud banned, which disallows a user to join, search or create cloud servers. Servers can be locked to private so the world is no longer publicly joined or able to be searched via Advanced/Search. The laws are shown in the next heading.

Law Types Edit

  • Legal Laws[2]
  • Enforceable Laws[3]
  • Substantial Laws[4]
  • Minor Laws[5]

Jurisdiction Edit

To clarify, BSD and Law Enforcement for New Zealand and other countries can become involved in legal action, depending on what laws are being broken. The following countries can be invaded by BSD or Law Enforcement includes, but is not limited to: The United States, Canada, Mexico, The United Kingdom, India, Italy, Brazil, Denmark, Russia, Sweden, Spain, and Peru.

Notes Edit

  • Each law type has sections of laws to some extent of specific information such as Cloud ban or more legal action.

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