Felix Edit

Sex: Male

Age: 54

Birthday: 6/17

Location: ???

Family: ???

Allies: ???

Last known Alias: ???

Rank: ???

Notes Edit

  • Little is known about him, but he is an FBI/PD Captain for the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Mexico and New Zealand.
  • Majorus is currently conducting a case of illegal content occurring on Blockheads, particularly because of the fact Camilla Koutsos is not able to conduct the situation. Majorus is seen on a News Channel stating: "The awkward situation we are in is not plausible to our current network. Camilla Koutsos is getting in the way of FBI work, and if obstructing justice is the way she goes, we will arrest her. Until then, we're investigating the supposed 'crimes' of Blockheads' current situation. If you have any information on the situation call ***-***-**** with a full report. We will ask you to come into our precinct, located in the United States. If you are in any other country, pass the message onto your local authorities, and they will pass it on to our local precinct. Thank you."
  • Majorus has been working for the FBI for 30 years, he roams to the UK, Canada, and Mexico, but mostly is in the US and New Zealand.